You know you need a website.

Have you been putting it off or moving it to the back burner because it's too challenging or expensive? Here's why not having a website could actually be losing you money.

Let's face it:

If customers want to find out more about you they're going to use the internet. They're going to look for your website. Don't have one? That's potentially lost business.

According to data from, 81% of shoppers research online before buying - and that was back in 2014. Millennials are the largest population group in North America, and that matters to your business because research done by Accenture showed that most of them check out products, services, reviews and insights online before buying.

Your website is your virtual storefront, and today it's how consumers window shop.

menu outside similar to websiteHave you ever seen a restaurant with the menu posted outside? This strategy works because most people want a chance to  find out what they can expect before they make a commitment (even one as simple as coming inside your location). Your website is a lot like that, except that users can access it from anywhere on any device at any time of day.

Don't Websites Cost Tens of Thousands of Dollars?

Most website design prices start in the thousands of dollars -- often out of reach for small business owners. How many sales  would you need to recover that investment?

Could You Build A Website Yourself?

There are plenty of free website building platforms out there, but do you want to learn how to use them? Most small business owners learn just enough about building websites to make ones that are unappealing and unsuccessful. According to Forbes, it's worse to have a bad website than no website at all.

So what can you do?

You're already half way there. You found us. 

Website Design

Website Design Screen

We believe that stylish and professional websites should be available to businesses of all sizes.

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Content Writing

Website Design Content

Don’t have any written content for your website? We’ve got you covered. We also provide content for existing sites and blogs.

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Graphics & Photos

Website Design Images

All of the websites we create can include stock images, custom graphics and even professional photographs of your location.

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What We Do

J² Web Design is based in Edmonton, Alberta. We are built on the idea that professional websites should be available to individuals and businesses of all sizes and budgets. There should be a middle ground between not having a website (or having one of poor quality) and spending a huge amount of money to have someone design your website for you.

We’re here to fill that gap.

You deserve something beautiful that you want to show off, and our goal is to provide that for you.

So how can we help you with that?

- It starts with your free consultation
- And then an interactive collaboration
- Don't quite know what you want? We can take the reigns
- We’ll build a great looking, affordable website
- Your website will impress on all devices: desktops, tablets, mobile phones
- We include many stock images for free
- Or your website can include custom graphics at an affordable price
- We offer photography of your location, products and team
- Plus, we can optimize your website for PPC and SEO
- And we can write all of your website content for you!
- All wrapped in superior service

Go confidently. Put your website address on your business cards, we know you’ll want everyone to see it.

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Who Are These People?

Jake taught himself how to build websites while in middle school in the late 1990s. You’d think his road to starting a website design company would be pretty straightforward, but there have been some twists and turns along the way. Read the full story >>

What’s With That Name?

J²  began as a husband and wife team: Jake and Julia. J² has been their calling card for over a decade.

There are thousands of businesses started every day. We’re here to help a select few.

Because we’re a small operation we don’t need high prices to support the huge overhead that other web design companies have. But that also means that we can only take on so much work at a time. Let’s chat so we can get your site up and running.

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