Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO Edmonton 1Search Engine Optimization often costs thousands of dollars. We’re here to make it more accessible.

How is it possible for SEO to be so much more affordable with J² Web Design than it is with some other companies? Two reasons.

First, we’re starting from the ground up when we build your site – no undoing and redoing someone else’s work. It takes longer to try to fix a site that is not optimized because we have to make wholesale changes without losing the basic content.

Second, part of what makes us different is deliberately making SEO available to businesses who couldn’t normally afford it. This is your opportunity to hit the ground running without breaking the bank.

What is Search Engine Optimization? Does SEO matter to you? Here’s why it should.

Google Search Engine RoomIt seems like Google’s offices are actually just giant rooms filled with people who check out what every site on the internet is all about. In fact, a search engine is simply a piece of technology that scans websites all over the internet, indexing them once they have some information and then showing them when someone searches. What’s important to a search engine is to show the best possible results right away, so that users keep coming back to use the search engine.

When your site is optimized for search engines, what we’re really talking about is making it easy for the search engine to understand what the page is about. But you’re not explaining the website to a human who thinks as you do – you’re explaining it to a computer program, and you must speak its language. That’s SEO.

If you’re planning on showing up in Google searches, or you plan on doing any kind of paid search advertising, SEO is a must.

When you first start out with a brand new website, you have no history and no other sites linking to you. Give yourself all the advantages you can by making sure you website is optimized for search engines from the very beginning.

Not only will SEO help with your organic rankings, it will help make your website optimized for Pay-Per-Click advertising such as Google AdWords. A properly optimized website will:

– Be more likely to rank higher when running ads
– Have a cheaper Cost Per Click
– Improve customer experience
– Increase your reputation
– Boost your sales

SEOJ² Web Design offers search engine optimization as an add-on to any page. We will take the time to explain to you what we did and walk you through the work. We will ensure that there is an SEO road map for each page of the site, using proper keyword density and doing all of the work on the back end to help search engines understand your pages.

Better still, we will use third-party software to show your website’s SEO score so that you know you’ve received value.


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Price: $75 per page

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