Content Writing for Websites

Once your website is built, you’ve got to fill it with all those pesky words. In the end, it’s words that sell services, move products and encourage action.

Do you know what you want your website to say? We’ll be happy to pop your copy into the site. If you don’t, we can write your content for you.

Jake has been writing for as long as he could lift a pencil to paper. Since 2011, he has written over 600 articles for various locations online, covering a wide variety of topics and often requiring detailed research. His blogs, Oil Acumen and The Lesser Known, enjoyed regular readership during their active periods – together receiving hundreds of thousands of views and wide recognition in their circles.

He has also done freelance writing on Upwork, a portal which offers tests for freelancers to show off their skills. He scored in the top 30% of all test takers in Content Writing, Creative Writing and English Vocabulary, and above average in numerous other disciplines.

The Bottom Line

– Need interesting and informative content for your website or blog?
– Do you need product descriptions?
– Would another set of eyes to edit your words be useful?
– Is it important for your website to have words that sell?

We’ve got your content writing covered for a low flat rate per page. All content will be subject to your approval, it will conform to proper grammar and style, and will match your unique identity.

If you’d prefer your content to be serious and professional, we are capable of providing that for you.

Want it a little more lighthearted? Just say the word!

You provide the basic information, and how you’d like to be conveyed. We’ll take it from there. Not building a new website? We also write content for existing websites and blogs!

Price: $99.00 per page

Have we talked you into it? Contact us by filling out the form below to get us writing the content for your site!