Our Story

Jake built his first website sometime in the late 1990s while in middle school. Things were very different than they are today – there were no courses at school to learn from, there was no Wikipedia, no YouTube, and no WordPress. For that matter, Google had just been founded. Did that stop him? Heck no. Jake taught himself simple coding and built dozens of personal websites, earning a little extra money along the way by building sites for businesses.

After graduating high school Jake switched gears, working in auto body repair for over ten years. All the while, he continued building websites and founded several popular blogs. He has been doing freelance writing since 2011, particularly for sports websites all around the internet and on Upwork, where his test scores in Content Writing, Creative Writing and Vocabulary were all in the top 30% of freelancers.

Eventually it became clear that it was time to find a new way to earn a living, and all those side skills would come in handy at the right time. Jake left auto body and went to work for a digital marketing agency, where he trained under some of the best in the business. There, he honed his skills in website design, content writing, graphic design, and customer relations.

The birth of Jake’s daughter, Emma, dramatically changed his life again. In order to have more time for his family, Jake decided to strike out on his own and found a website design company, just as he had dreamed of doing almost twenty years beforehand.

And what about that name: J Squared? J² is the calling card of Jake and his wife, Julia.

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