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What Our Clients Say

"...Made my vision a reality. They were helpful with more than just web design and advertising, but also provide support for other functions of the business."
Conor S
"[You're] doing a great job, and can't wait to start next year! Put that in your calendar we start beginning of March!"
Matt F
"It has been an absolute pleasure to work with this company. Their clever and innovative ideas fuel the marketing machine that drives my business. Highly recommend J Squared for whatever you need. We look forward to much continued success!"
Brad L
"Very professional and provides support and consultation with your best interest in mind. I have been a loyal customer for years now"
Ryan Y

Why Are You Here?

If you’re reading this, it means you’re a contractor

And you want more customers

So you can make the kind of money you deserve.

But figuring out how to get them is hard. And complicated.

So you’ve been thinking…

I’ll keep plugging along the way I have been

Trying to figure it out through trial and error

Or by waiting for referrals

Or maybe even knocking on doors.


– You don’t have time to learn how to create customers at will

– Or you feel you can’t afford to hire someone to do this for you

– Or you can’t trust that you’ll get results because there are a million f*@king marketers out there, all after your money

And if you don’t get results, that money isn’t coming back.

But the truth is, you’re paying an unseen price by not having a partner

A partner that can plug you into a system that’s already working.

The cost is your burnout

Your stress level when thinking about your bank account

Making sure your crews are busy so you don’t lose them

And all the money you’re leaving on the table as you read this.

To get somewhere you’ve never been, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.

You’ve got to start acting like the business you picture in your mind

Because doing what got you here won’t get you where you want to go next

Our clients get anywhere from dozens to hundreds of qualified conversations every month

And we’ve got the proof to back it up.

Not just leads

**Pre-qualified conversations with real humans who want to buy**

You know how fast food places are all the same, no matter which city you’re in?

That’s because they’ve got a system that works

And they just plug the same system into every location

That’s exactly what we do for you.

We only take one roofer per city, one insulation company, one kitchen remodeling, one HVAC, etc.

That way, we don’t have to worry about you competing with each other

And when we find things that work for one, everyone in the network benefits.

Get yourself a map to your dream destination

Get plugged in to systems that already work

End the guesswork about getting customers on demand

And become #1 in your market.

That’s our vision for you.

And it starts here:


100% Off

6 months validity

Give the gift of great beer, cocktails & bites!

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Meet Our Owner
Jake Pringle
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My name is Jake.

I’ve been building websites since before there was a Google, a Wikipedia or a YouTube. But I also worked in autobody for 12 years. Welding, grinding, sanding, painting. You name it.

After leaving the body shop, I started using the skills I’ve built online to create websites for clients, and then to drive traffic to them. I know how your customers think, because I dealt with customers in a skilled trade for over a decade.

Now I can bring the best of both worlds to you and your business.

About Us

Best Irish Pub & Bar in Florida

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High-Converting Websites

Our websites have been through the trenches. We’ve sent thousands of visitors through them and figured out how to get 10-20% of visitors to contact you.

Your website will be best-in-class, ready to take on any competitor in your region.

And all of our sites are optimized to show up in searches on Google. 

Ads That Work

We only take one type of contractor per city – one roofer, one insulator, etc – so that we can just plug-and-play for you what’s already working in other cities.

All new contacts are followed up with and only serious prospects get to you.

Our app makes it easy to keep track of your contacts, to get in touch with them, book appointments, send review requests, even take payments and more.

More Than Just Nice Words

Here's The Proof

We don’t want to brag, but our clients get leads like crazy. Hundreds of them:

And the best part is that they’re all pre-qualified so you don’t have to spend time on dead leads or tire kickers. That’s all handled for you. You just make the sales. 

Some Of Our Partners

We Are A Google Partner

Who isn’t though, right?

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Grow Your Business Faster, With Less Effort

It all starts with a conversation. No sales pitch. No obligation. Just to get more information about each other.