Five Reasons Contractors Need Google Reviews

Are you falling into the trap of knowing that your work is awesome but not being able to prove it?

One of the most common problems with contractors – whether you’re a roofer, painter, renovation company or any other type – is underestimating the power of reputation. You’re asking your customers to trust you with their homes, allow you to work on their biggest asset and even invite you inside. You know that you have integrity, and that your work is second to none.

But potential customers don’t.

That’s why you need more reviews on Google and Facebook. And there are other reasons too. Here are our top five:

#5 Reviews Make You Easier To Find

A 2017 study of over 100,000 businesses determined that reviews were the #1 most important factor in local SEO (read more here). If you don’t know what that means for you, Search Engine Optimization makes it more likely that you will show up in Google searches for your service(s). That means that the more reviews you have, the more likely you will be to generate free traffic to your website, day after day.

#4 Reviews Make You Trustworthy

Potential customers read ten reviews on average before trusting a business. That’s great news for businesses with lots of reviews because it means that your reviews can do a lot of the selling for you before customers even get in touch. That makes your life that much easier and helps you stand above the competition.

#3 You’re More Likely To Be Chosen By 91% Of People

Another study found that positive reviews will make 91% of respondents more likely to use a business. So now reviews have helped you show up in Google searches for your service, they’ve made you trustworthy to your leads and 91% of them are more likely to choose you because of those positive reviews.

#2 Customers Will Spend More

On average, people spend about 30% more with businesses that have excellent online reviews. That’s because you’re more trustworthy, so one of the biggest barriers to spending more money has been taken out of your way.

So now reviews have made you easier to find, more trustworthy, more likely to be chosen by leads and made the lead spend 30% more with you.

#1 More Annual Revenue

Businesses with more than the average number of reviews bring in 54% more annual revenue. At this point you shouldn’t really be surprised. Reviews are like referrals that are at work for you all day, every day.

Getting more reviews on Google and Facebook will make your business stand out in more ways than one, especially in industries that require a lot of consumer trust.

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