How To Get Cheaper Roofing Leads

Looking for a way to get cheaper roofing leads that still convert into high value jobs? You can do it within just a few days if you follow this simple guide.

Step One: Don’t Just Sell Roofs

It sounds crazy, but the best way to sell roofs can be to not sell roofs. If you’re going after roofing jobs in your city, you’ll often be paying a lot for the leads. The easiest way around this is to offer repairs to things like soffits and fascia, gutters, and simple repairs.

Most homeowners don’t know how bad their roof really is, but they can tell that the part they can see needs work. If you target repairs to things like soffits & fascia, you can get a foot in the door with cheaper jobs. These often lead to larger repairs and replacements once you get in there and show the homeowner what’s really going on.

Step Two: Create Your Landing Pages

Let’s assume you’re ready to start offering repairs and replacement to soffits & fascia or gutter jobs. Now you will need a way to promote it.

Your website should have landing pages that are specific to each of the services you offer. Create detailed landing pages for soffits & fascia, gutters, and repair jobs. Make sure you have clear calls to action and easy ways to get in touch with you, and if you can make sure you offer some kind of incentive to call right away.

Step Three: Run Google Ads

Now that your services are ready and your landing pages are done, you’ll need to start directing traffic toward your new website pages. Create Google Ads campaigns that are related to soffits & fascia and your other services and direct people straight into the appropriate landing page instead of your website’s homepage.

Make sure that the headline of your ads closely matches the headline of your landing page, and that the content of the ads and the page are related as well.

Because soffit & fascia and gutter keywords are cheaper than roof replacement keywords, you’ll end up getting a much cheaper Cost Per Click. A higher volume of clicks gives you more kicks at the can for the same budget, and lower ticket jobs can be easier to close.

Once you’re onsite and inspecting the roof in detail, you will likely find cases where you can sell larger roof repairs and replacements. The smaller jobs you do should be able to cover your ad spend so that you break even at the very least. You’ll also be building a relationship with that customer that can turn to more work over time, and your referral tree will expand as well.

Hope this helps you to close a few more jobs this month. If you want this whole process taken off your hands and completed in just a few days time, book a call here and let’s talk.

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