Not A Fan Of Marketers?

You’re not alone.

You’ve probably been harassed by more than a few.

In your Facebook groups. In your email. In your message requests. On LinkedIn.

Hell, I’ve done it. May even be why you’re here. But the truth is…

Most people don’t get into their line of work to chase new leads all the time. You want to do what you’re best at and get paid well to do it.

But if you have to spend time rustling up new business, you're probably not doing what you're best at.

And if you don't have enough work that you can pick and choose the best jobs, you're probably not getting paid enough.

Have you ever taken on a job that you didn't want, for less money than you should have, just to keep the doors open?

If the answer is yes, then you've got a marketing problem.

No shame in it.

Marketing is another one of those things you didn’t set out to do.

What you need is someone who did set out to do that.

You need someone who has been where you are.

My name is Jake. I spent 12 years in autobody so I understand skilled trades and most of all your customers.

Here's me around 10 years ago welding up a rusty Toyota.

I'm not some 18 year old kid who bought a guru's marketing course and doesn't understand you, or your business, at all.

I've done it before, built a winning leads system, have the proof to back it up, and can just plug you in.

The Proof Is Right Here

Insulation, Roofing, Asbestos, Mechanics

All With Hundreds Of Phone Calls

And there are dozens more to show that won’t fit on this page. 

But Don't Take My Word For It. Take Theirs:


The best part? You can give my system a try for free.

No Up-Front Fees. No Maybes. No strings.

I will give you the full setup - complete with everything, I won't hold anything back - FREE for three days. If those three days aren't enough to convince you, you're under no obligation to continue and you've taken zero risk.

But you will be convinced.

So let's get started!


Convinced this might be something different than you’ve seen?

I build lasting partnerships with clients. So contact me to see if I can help you get to the next level.


Phone: 780-289-0765

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